Mo 23.04.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Big|Brave (Noiserock/Slowcore, Montreal, CA) + Yacht Communism (semi-psychedelic Noiserock, Berlin)

Big Bravedoors 19:00 - show 20:00. ab 22:00: 'strange tunes on mondays' djs
Yacht Communism In existence since 2012 with members Robin Wattie, Mathieu Ball and Louis-Alexandre Beauregard spread across two guitars and drums respectively, BIG|BRAVE sound many magnitudes bigger than one would suspect a trio is capable of. Anticipation gracefully helps to build up every salvo launched by the band, assaulting the eardrum with incredible precision. Their compositions increasingly more refined, juxtaposing sparse minimalism with thunderous feedback, BIG|BRAVE strives to continue pushing the limits of what heavy experimental rock can sound like while maintaining a strong interest in reaching bliss.

Somewhere between the margins of a minimal rock band, experimental outfit and drone aficionados, BIG|BRAVE strives to never belong to anyone given classification. Utilising standard “band” tools such vocals, electric guitars, drums, feedback and amplifiers, B|B explores the possibilities of what a band can sound like while constantly resisting and deconstructing the archetypal characteris ations of song structure and form.

Building spectacular, inverted rock constructions that sound many magnitudes bigger than one would suspect a trio was capable of, Montreal’s BIG|BRAVE has been in existence since 2012, with members spread across two guitars and drums respectively. Unhurried and untouchable, BIG|BRAVE possess that same valued independent spirit which pervades their local contemporaries, and is at the root of their intense and exploratory musical offerings. Their sound lulls and lurches between passages of rhythmic noise pollution and vocal led awe, using considered juxtapositions of force and restraint to warp the senses. Remarkably quiet at times, their ambiance is not one of minimalism, but of dawning, foreboding power with the need to be vented, and when the hot flushes of blighted percussion and monochromatic guitar scrapes arrive, they arrive with triumphant force.

Yacht Communism is a new band comprised of current and ex-members of Svffer, Henry Fonda, Dropout Patrol, Trompetenvogel Trondheim, Kids Explode...

Mi 25.04.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: FUZZ ORCHESTRA (Noise/Psychedelic / heavy Soundtracks, Milano/IT) + GOSHAWK (Frickel-Noiserock, Bln)

fuzz orchestradoors 19:00 - show 20:00
goshawkFUZZ ORCHESTRA mixes heavy rock sounds with a fluxus of analog noises with a narrative layer build up by voice samples borrowed from old movies and documentaries, like. Lots of forgotten masterpieces lie in the vast sea of the cultural production from the past, and some of their voices are still true today.
Every FUZZ ORCHESTRA album uses these voices to tell his own tales and stories: “Fuzz Orchestra” (2007) was about some of Italy’s most infamous moments of its contemporary history: fascism and late 60’s/70’s State terrorism; “Comunicato n°2” (2009) gives voice to those who tried to revolt against the inhuman capitalist world order. “Morire per la patria” (2012), which sees the entry of Paolo Mongardi (ZEUS! - Three One G Recordings, Jennifer Gentle - SubPop) on drums, describes and critizes different ways of “Dying for your own Homeland”, from the defense of the borders during the war to the selling of one’s soul to gain power and material richness.
Our new record, “Uccideteli Tutti! Dio Riconoscerà i Suoi” (Woodworm 2016), tells tales of Revelation, Judgement and Choice; it takes you through different kind of Apocalypses: social ones, personal ones, profanes ones and sacred ones.
“Uccideteli Tutti! Dio Riconoscerà i Suoi” also takes Fuzz Orchestra’s music to a new level, putting together heavy rock patterns with contemporary music scores written by Enrico Gabrielli (Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane, PJ Harvey and many more).

Fr 27.04.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Not Scientists (IndiePunk/France) + DNA (Punkrock/ Berlin) prestend by Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking

Not Scientistsdoor 7 pm, show 8 pm ( from 10 pm with DJ)
Punkfilmfest Berlin in April! When their previous band decided to take a break, Jim and Ed decided to start a new one or their girlfriends would make them get real jobs. They asked Le Bazile to play drums, and for some reason he said yes. At this point they would have been a kickass trio but Jim decided to throw a wrench in the works and play guitar. Luckily, they found a big guy who would be perfect for making sure they got paid at the end of the night, and he also happens to play bass.
They sought to boldly blaze musical trails that had already been well traveled by Toys That Kill, One Man Army, Superchunk, and a lot of other bands with way cooler names.
2014 will see the release of their debut “Leave Stickers on our Graves” EP in February on Delete Your Favorite Records, mixed by Jamie McMann (NOFX, Dead to Me, Swingin' Utters), and a busy tour schedule throughout Europe and Canada including an appearance at Montreal's Pouzza Fest in May.
Fucked if we know. We're Not Scientists!

Sa 28.04.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   READY STEADY GO: Sunset Seeds (Surfedelic) & Boris Bond (Surf) beide Berlin

Die Sunset Seeds brillieren mit feinster handgemachter Instrumentalmusik. Vom rockigem NeoSurf über Crimejazz hin zu swingendem Rock'n'Roll verschmelzen die Genres zum speziellen Instrumental-Sound, der die Sunset Seeds unverwechselbar macht. Mit Tremolo-Gitarre, Schlagzeug, Kontrabass, Vibrafon und Bläsereinlagen wird der Zuhörer in eine musikalisch-cineastische Welt entführt. Das schmeichelnde Klanggewand der Sixties wird dabei immer wieder durch spannend, geräuschhafte Passagen aufgebrochen. Hier stehen Gänsehaut und tanzbare Extase auf dem Zettel.

-Boris Bond-Surfband from Berlin

Mo 30.04.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   The Kendolls (Punkrock/ Schweden) + Mental Shackdown (50s Punk/ Berlin) presented by Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking

The Kendollsdoor 7 pm, show 8 pm (danach Strange Tunes On Monday)
door 7 pm, show 8-10 pm, dj from 10 pm

Starting out in Gothenburg 2007, rock ‘n’ roll band The Kendolls quickly evolved into a hardworking, struggling and touring unit. Through playing filthy Spanish bars, urine stained floors in Hungary and festival stages in Germany, the band slowly earned the reputation as an intense and chaotic live act. The band was already doing a lot of independent touring outside of Scandinavia before signing with Alleycat Records in 2010.

The Kendolls’ debut album was released in the spring of 2011 and received excellent reviews in Scandinavia and Europe, followed by a European tour and shows with Gallows, The Bones, Eddie & the hot rods, Michael Monroe etc. In spring 2013 the band played 25 shows across Europe and released their second album “Dirty Dogma”. New drummer Kenneth and bassman Kosse joined the band and recorded a new EP in the end of 2013. New blood and talent resulted in an improved, harder sound, but still sustaining the raw nerve that defines the band. The Kendolls’ brand new EP “Diablo Gringo” will be released digitally and on vinyl spring 2014, followed up by a European tour in May. Get in the van, shut up and play til’ you bleed.
Garage Rockabilly - 50s Punk

Mi 02.05.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Lofi Lounge presents: Sofia Härdig (Record Release Party) + Sid Vision (Rock | Psych | 70's Prog)

DJ Team Berg & Tal (Indie, Electro, Pop)
Sofia Härdig „Changing The Order" Record Release Party

Sofia Härdig hat in den letzten Jahren mit einem Kaleidoskop alternativer Rock und Indie Größen gespielt. So teilte sie Bühnen und Studio mit Mitgliedern der Boredoms (JAP), Free Kitten (US), The Hellacopters (SWE), AMM (UK), bob hund (SWE), Belle and Sebastian (UK), OOIOO (JAP), Medusas bed (Lydia Lunch project), David Sylvian, The Cardigans (SWE) und The Sunburned hand of the man (US), um nur einige zu nennen. Sie spielte mit Legenden wie Yoshimi, John Tilbury, Ikue Mori (US), Eddie Prévost, Mats Gustafsson, Sofie Agnél (FR) und Vielen mehr.

Sie arbeitet mit Stimme, Gitarre, Laptop, Electronic, Kassette, Keyboard und mehr. Sie lebt und arbeitet in den Metropolen Berlin, New York, Stockholm, Bristol und Malmö.
Ihre letztes Alben "The Norm of the Locked Room" und "And The Street Lights Lead To The Sea" bekam grandiose Kritiken und wurde als eins der interessantesten Releases des Jahres von nationaler und internationaler Presse bezeichnet. Sie war „Sweden's best-kept secret“, “an electronica queen” und ”the next girl in experimental music”.

Sofia's musikalisches Abenteuer began früh. Als Kind erfand sie Melodien zum Sound von Staubsaugern und Motoren, was ihre Eltern verrückt machte. In den frühen Erwachsenenjahren war ihr Hauptspielplatz ein gebrochener Blues mit Referenzen zu Nick Cave's und Suicides klaustrophobischsten Ausbrüchen. ”For me it's beautiful with that which is not perfect, in the dilapidated, broken and in the mistakes I see beauty.”

Ihr neues Album „Changing The Order“ changiert zwischen 80ties und Yeah Yeah Yeahs und erscheint am 20.4 2018.

Sid Vision (Rock | Psych | 70's Prog)

Sid Vision is a berlin rock band founded by two brothers, Paul (drums) & Sidney Klein (vocals, guitar) who shared the teenager-aha-moment of listening to Frampton's "Do you feel like we do?" guitar solo on vinyl for the first time in their life, in grandpa's smoky cellar. Life as they knew it was changed from then on. The brother's sound arises from a deep love for the mellotron, Bonham-size bass drums, and the mysterious "An American Prayer" by the Doors, which is a spiritual cleansing for them.
Since mid-2015 the band has been playing in a four piece line up including Sonic Sebastian on bass guitar & synth and Erik Petzold on keys.

Do 03.05.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   M:Soundtrack presents: Fake Laugh (UK/Bln) + Areamann (bln) + afterparty DJ Jonny (Lola Mag)

Thursdays = Good Music
M:Soundtrack presents FAKE LAUGH (Bln/LOndon) + Areamann (Bln) @ Schokoladen Mitte on 3. MAY with afterparty DJ xxxxx

FAKE LAUGH // is the recording project of London/Berliner Kamran Khan. Kamran started writing songs at age 12 while living in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. After moving to London to study philosophy, he started experimenting with home recording. Early recordings were mostly covers of artists whose influence can still be heard in his sound today, such as The Beach Boys, Everly Brothers and The Beatles. After witnessing the emergence of bedroom producers, Kamran decided to adopt the DIY approach with his own songs. His initial aim was to write simple, melodic and carefree songs. The release of his first full-length Fake Laugh record will be happening on April 30, 2018
come around for a Sneak PEEK and Listen!

AREAMANN (BER, psypop)
Areamann v1.7b are happy to be back on the stage. We are now 4 men who have played in Motu, Skiing, Helen Fry, Slow Steve, Arcade Fire, Classic Muscle, Desert Hearts, Tendre Biche, Africa by Toto and Areamann (who are happy to be back etc.). These 8 ladies are SarahStuPhilUri, or "ahaha u SlUrP it Sir”. We will play and sing original songs about how life in Berlin is treating some of us, maybe even a cover to get through a sudden madonna phase some of us are going through. Expect what the one song on Soundcloud sounds like but without being on the internet, and more! :DDDD

afterparty DJ

Fr 04.05.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: WELS (Noise-/Mathrock) + Siwomat (Noiserock/Postpunk)
Sa 05.05.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   SONIC BOOM: Bad Brians (Punk & HC Cover - Bln)

Die Bad Brians könnte man durchaus als lebende Jukebox bezeichnen. Quasi auf Zuruf bringen sie 121 Punk- und Hardcore-Klassiker aus der Ära von 1977 bis 1990 aufs Parkett. 2013 erschien die CD „Brian The Army“, von der Jan Jaedike im Rock Hard schwärmte: „Man klebt glücklicherweise respektvoll eng an den Originalen. In Ausnahmefällen (z.B. „Broken Bones“ von The Freeze) ist die Bad-Brians- Interpretation aber sogar ein Stück geiler.”
Bei einem Auftritt zusammen mit der Dead-Kennedys-Legende Jello Biafra hatte dieser einen Rat für die vier Brians parat: „Next time you play orginals.“ Nun, in wahrer Punkrock-Manier haben die Berliner darauf natürlich nicht gehört! So enthält auch die neue 10” (strikt auf 300 Exemplare limitiert) wieder nur Coversongs, darunter „kein neuer Scheiß, sonders alles vor 1990“, wie Brian meint:
die „Deutscher Side“ mit: „Kernkraftritter“ von OHL, „Out Of Step“ von Minor Threat (mit deutschen Text: „Aus dem Tritt“), und „Kraft durch Bier“ (Ceresit). Die „Englische Seiten“ mit: „1,2 XU“ (Wire), „Skate To Hell“ (Gang Green), „The Hunted“ (G.B.H.), „138“ (Misfits), sowie „Not Of This Earth“ (Angry Samoans). Das alles kommt mit Downloadcode inklusive einem Bonustrack „It Follows (Minor Threat“.

Mo 07.05.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   ApocaLipstick Disko presents: Nina Hynes (Atmosheric Dreampop / Irl)

Nina Hynes

Nina has released 4 albums(Creation:1999, Staros:2002, Really Really Do:2007 Goldmine 2013) and various EPs.
She is a member of art-music collaborations A=Apple, Sending Letters to the Sea and A Generous Act

In July 2017, she has finished the soundtrack to 'GLUE', a feature film by artists Oisin Byrne and Gary Farrelly. Release TBC.

At an early age, she toured with experimental composer Hector Zazou and collaborator Harold Budd.

Nina has written songs for all her own releases as well as for other singers and projects including Jane Birkin and Melanie Gabriel on Strong Currents by Hector Zazou(2003).

She has toured in America and Europe and has played many supports including Roxy Music, Terry Callier, Smog, Stereolab, Cat Power, Julee Cruise, David Gray, Glen Hansard, Damien Rice.

In 2013, Nina successfully crowdfunded the album Goldmine. www.dancingsuns.bandcamp.comwith limited release vinyl she sells at shows.

In recent years, Nina has performed with many choirs including children and adults.

She plays solo concerts every so often. She teaches music to kids.

Nina has taken part in Art exhibitions with photographic images, sonic installations and soundtrack work.

Nina has a 2 year diploma in sound engineering and music technology.

She s currently working on live show material which she regularly showcases in Berlin and new recordings for 2018.

She lives in Berlin with her Dancing Suns/Sending Letters to the Sea collaborator Fabien Leseure and their two children.

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