Mi 02.05.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Lofi Lounge presents: Sofia Härdig (Record Release Party) + Sid Vision (Rock | Psych | 70's Prog)

DJ Team Berg & Tal (Indie, Electro, Pop)
Sofia Härdig „Changing The Order" Record Release Party

Sofia Härdig hat in den letzten Jahren mit einem Kaleidoskop alternativer Rock und Indie Größen gespielt. So teilte sie Bühnen und Studio mit Mitgliedern der Boredoms (JAP), Free Kitten (US), The Hellacopters (SWE), AMM (UK), bob hund (SWE), Belle and Sebastian (UK), OOIOO (JAP), Medusas bed (Lydia Lunch project), David Sylvian, The Cardigans (SWE) und The Sunburned hand of the man (US), um nur einige zu nennen. Sie spielte mit Legenden wie Yoshimi, John Tilbury, Ikue Mori (US), Eddie Prévost, Mats Gustafsson, Sofie Agnél (FR) und Vielen mehr.

Sie arbeitet mit Stimme, Gitarre, Laptop, Electronic, Kassette, Keyboard und mehr. Sie lebt und arbeitet in den Metropolen Berlin, New York, Stockholm, Bristol und Malmö.
Ihre letztes Alben "The Norm of the Locked Room" und "And The Street Lights Lead To The Sea" bekam grandiose Kritiken und wurde als eins der interessantesten Releases des Jahres von nationaler und internationaler Presse bezeichnet. Sie war „Sweden's best-kept secret“, “an electronica queen” und ”the next girl in experimental music”.

Sofia's musikalisches Abenteuer began früh. Als Kind erfand sie Melodien zum Sound von Staubsaugern und Motoren, was ihre Eltern verrückt machte. In den frühen Erwachsenenjahren war ihr Hauptspielplatz ein gebrochener Blues mit Referenzen zu Nick Cave's und Suicides klaustrophobischsten Ausbrüchen. ”For me it's beautiful with that which is not perfect, in the dilapidated, broken and in the mistakes I see beauty.”

Ihr neues Album „Changing The Order“ changiert zwischen 80ties und Yeah Yeah Yeahs und erscheint am 20.4 2018.

Sid Vision (Rock | Psych | 70's Prog)

Sid Vision is a berlin rock band founded by two brothers, Paul (drums) & Sidney Klein (vocals, guitar) who shared the teenager-aha-moment of listening to Frampton's "Do you feel like we do?" guitar solo on vinyl for the first time in their life, in grandpa's smoky cellar. Life as they knew it was changed from then on. The brother's sound arises from a deep love for the mellotron, Bonham-size bass drums, and the mysterious "An American Prayer" by the Doors, which is a spiritual cleansing for them.
Since mid-2015 the band has been playing in a four piece line up including Sonic Sebastian on bass guitar & synth and Erik Petzold on keys.

Mi 16.05.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Lofi Lounge presents: Mexican Radio (Indie/Berlin) + Bechamel (Indie/Berlin)

DJ Team Berg & Tal (Indie, Electro, Pop)
Mexican Radio

Mexican Radio, a synth punk trio out of Berlin, make an argument for an analog world in a digital age. When everyone else is playing guitars, they play cheap keyboards through distorted amps while singing post-punk songs about surreal Japanese advertisements (Magic Eye), Berlin nightlife (White Trash, Techno Kitchen) and performance art (Rest Energy 1980).

Singers/synth players Nathaniel Fregoso and Dyan Valdés are founding members of critically-acclaimed indie band The Blood Arm ( <> ). Drummer and singer Hannes Neupert is formerly of Berlin garage band The Mokkers ( < TNAEcAq0SUTswm_UJqo5LRX60Rhg6JTWRaa7NEsKOzIYLoHgrtSGjOMK7fODZfnGgDdZdKFmR_ob dC9Q8yw8x1mGagMw_QEthNF17lwSeX2gogYxPKCsbdlR5p5EzmQAaaX40AMW9hC27SeHannFNv1w 2vUfEM3hEZMjQx3> ). The three played together in a German-language cover band of The Fall called Der Sturz, and decided to form Mexican Radio to write original music in a post-punk style influenced by The Fall, Wire and Suicide.

Working within a strict set of rules, the band only appear live in uniform: white shirts with a red lightning bolt spray-painted across and black jeans, and exclusively play synths: no guitars allowed. The band take their name from the synthy new-wave Wall of Voodoo song “Mexican Radio,” which coincidentally features a sampled recording of Fregoso’s late father, a renowned Spanish-language radio presenter.

This is the band's debut release. It was recorded completely live to tape in two days in an analog studio in the former East Berlin by renowned Berlin producer Mischkah Wilke (Gurr).


Bechamel are a four-piece garage-punk band based in Berlin. Salty, creamy and smooth since 2017.

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